It's been a while since I am writing nor updating my blog and I know that there's a lot of backlogs that I need to write about my travel. Whooah! So this is it! Bring it on.

My travel buddies in Cebu City approached me to organized an escapade that is not so expensive - no climb and a three Days and two nights travel - more on beaches because they loved it! lol. So, I hysterically prepared an IT that has budget and expenses too.  Our location this time is in Northern part of Negros Occidental - Municipality of Calatrava and  Sipaway Island in San Carlos City

Our first stop on our 3 Days travel is in Calatrava, Negros Occidental and a week prior to that I already called Calatrava Tourism Office so that they can advise us the best thing to do in their municipality. Sir Demostenes Claro said that they have Wildlife Monkey Sanctuary & Eco-Park, Lat-ason Falls, Nalundan Underground Creek and Mahilum Cave to include in our lists. Gotcha! Andrenaline Junkies - Ready!

We traveled early in the morning from Cebu City and we arrived at Calatrava's Tourism Office by morning. When we got there, we were instructed and accommodated by their hospitable staffs to wait for awhile for  our tour vehicle to arrive courtesy by their office and you know what it's for free. After an hour of waiting, we were traveling uphill going to their Monkey Sanctuary.

The first class municipality of Negros Occidental was named after the city of La Mancha in Central Spain. Calatrava is the home of Province's friendliest monkeys situated in Sitio Paitan, Barangay Paghumayan. There are around 30 plus monkeys we we got there we gave them food and water as well. They were people-friendly monkey yet a territorial one. Sir Claro told us that never engage eye to eye contact to them and don't wear jewelries or accessories because out of monkey's curiosity they might snatch it from you. We enjoyed so much our timely field trip it was a great experience plus great companion, buddies, guide and friends.  
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