Mount Pulag was dubbed both the locals and tourists as the "playground of the gods" because of its breathtaking sights and unique features -  sea of clouds, dwarf bamboo slopes, dazzling millions of stars at night, home of a large diversity of flora and fauna, pine forests and super cold weather temperature. Yet, I heard that the local ancestors are living at the top of the mountain. So if i were you - you need to consider a lot of things before climbing this mountain and I assure you that there's always  a great reward waiting for you.

This mountain standing proudly at 2,922 Meters Above Sea Level, the highest peak of Luzon and third summit of the country. Furthermore, I thought climbing Mt. Pulag is just a dream only because of the following reason. First, the event fee was very expensive and there's a lot of name-it-call-fee that I really don't know if it was used in godly manner. Second, its very far from my hometown that I need to fly and ride a bus/jeepney for about 12 hours maximum just to reach the mountain. Third, cold temperature was my enemy. Fourth, I'm in doubt for the good clearing of the summit because most of the climbers that I've read in their blog they haven't assaulted successfully - NO SEA OF CLOUDS.
However, this feat was started when I've seen an event in one of the climbing group in facebook and they invited me to join them for Mt. Pulag since there's still an available slot. So, I texted my climbing buddy Mark about the opportunity -  since climbing Mt. Pulag is one of his wildest dreams too.  So, without any hesitation he accepted the challenge!

Additionally, I booked an economy ticket and I prepared myself and all the things, gears and equipment I need in this climb. Fortunately, I've met a lot friends during the event including my Running Buddy Jed and Fellow climber Henri they were both Bisaya.

Glimpse of the skies during night in Mt. Pulag.
There are four different trails going to the grassland summit of Mt. Pulag. The Ambangeg (executive), Akiki(Killer/steepest), Tawangan (Limatik infested) and Ambaguio (Longest) in Nuva Viscaya. We choose the Ambangag - Amabangeg executive trail hat it took only 3-5 hours to the summit.

Below are the itinerary courtesy of Sir Jeff Mansibang our super cool organizer during our climb.

0100 pm ETD BAguio City going to =Ambangeg
0400 pm ETA DENR. Registration/Orientation about Mt. Pulag
0500 pm Orientation done / Preparation going to Ranger Station / Jumpoff
0530 pm @mam Gina Place. Early Dinner
0630 pm ETD going to Ranger Station
0730 pm @ranger station. Preparation for trekking
0745 pm Start trek
0900 pm Camp 1
1100 pm Camp 2. Set up camp
1130 pm Social / Lights Off

0400 am Wake up call / Preparation for Summit Assault!
0415 am Coffee Time

0430 am Summit Assault
0545 am Watching Sea of Clouds
0730 am Start descend
0830 am Camp 2 / Preparation for breakfast
0930 am Breakfast!
1030 am Break camp; start descend going to Ranger Station.
1200 pm ETA Ranger / Rest mode.
1230 pm ETD ranger going to Mam Gina's Place.
0130 pm ETA mam Gina/ Wash Up! / Heavy Lunch
0330 pm ETD going to DENR
0430 pm ETA DENR. Buy Souvenier.
0500 pm ETD DENR back to Baguio City
0900 pm @ Baguio City / Dinner at Burnham Park! Wagwagan!
1100 pm ETA Baguio City.
0300 am Home Sweet Home!


Things to Bring:
same old stuff / alcohol
Personal Items:
* Food & Snacks
*Trail Food (nuts, sweets, fresh or dried fruits, crackers, etc.)
o Emergency Rations
* Drinking Water/Water Container (1 – 2 Liters)/pax
* Clothing & Underwear = # of days + 1 (standard)
* Flashlight / Head lamp / Extra Batteries
* Proper Foot Wear / Sandals
* Sun sleeve / Arm warmer
* Hat / Cap
* Poncho / Rain Gear
* Blanket / Jacket / Sweat Shirt
* Sleeping Bag / Mat
* First Aid / Medicine Kit
* Dry/Waterproof Bag
* Mess Kit / Utensils
* Plastic / Trash Bags
* Other Personal Care Items:
o Medicine Kit
o Sun Block
o Toothpaste & Toothbrush
o Alcohol
o Toiletries
*Thermal blanket

Total Package Expenses (All in) -
Php 2,600.00

P.S - Thank you sir Jeff for allowing me to post some of your pictures here in my blog.

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  1. Can't really wait to see the SEA of Clouds.