Oslob Old Church also known as Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Conception was one of the Oldest Churches in Cebu City and it was gutted by fire years ago leaving only the Spanish Architecture but when I visited the place it was reconstructed already thru the effort of the concerned locals . Moreover, locals believed that this century old church was intended as a station for pirates before. Beside the church is their Ruins. These two Spanish Infrastructure that still exists in Oslob is very interesting to visit. Also, there's a lot of benches, the Carabao grass carpeted in the park, splashing sound of the waves in near seashore, and breathtaking view of vast sea horizon.

How to get there:

Just take a Bus in Cebu City South Bus Terminal anytime because there's a lot of trip going/passing Oslob. Just inform the Driver to drop you off at Oslob Market. Enjoy the view! Enjoy your travel!

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  1. Nice bitaw didto. Hope to visit there soon!