Mt. Bandilaan Nature Park is the well - known hotspot of the Siquijor Province because of its grandeur beauty to behold the centerpiece of the province. It is also the highest peak of the Island towering with 557 meters above sea level (MASL). The Park was developed by the province many years ago, they putted comfy benches, cemented foot walk if you want to hike and erected stations of the cross to make your pilgrimage purely divine. At the top of the mountain you will astound on the fresh breeze, sight to consider, and pure nature.
Unluckily, as I disembarked my foot in motorcycle pedal I was distress and disappointed of what I've saw - the whole park was destroyed and some of the trees was fell down, benches turned upside down, soil was eroded, and everything is not in their proper place. A week prior on my first visit Super Typhoon Ondoy landed on the Island and leave great destruction according to our guide! I know that it will takes a lot of money to rebuild it, years to regain nature from its loss and decades to vanished  bad memories for locals.

How to get to Mt. Bandilaan Nature Park
Take a Habal - Habal from the Port. It takes only 40 minutes to 1 hour - going up there since there are some portion of the road that are still under construction.

Take a walk, enjoy and experience natures bliss with the endearing flora and fauna that only this park can give you.

Enjoy your stay!

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