Foreign tourists visit the Philippines for many different reasons. Most of them visit the country to experience something new, while others want to see scenic sights. Aside from getting a taste of paradise, a lot of foreign tourists visit the Philippines to experience a heavy dose of fun and adventure. By far, one activity that meets all their travel needs when visiting the Philippines is the zipline ride.

The Philippines owns a wealth of awe-inspiring ziplines and adventure parks. Here are some of the best and most distinguished ziplines in the Philippines today:

Ten Cents To Heaven Leisure Park

Dubbed as the longest and tallest zipline in Luzon, the newly opened zipline of Ten Cents To Heaven Leisure Park in Tanay, Rizal is the perfect attraction for those are seeking a fun and adventurous trip in Luzon. With a length of 1.1 kilometers, this zipline easily dwarfs all the other renowned ziplines in the Luzon area. Other than their famed zipline, this tourist attraction also offers a plethora of fun-filled outdoor activities like wall climbing, trekking and mud sliding.

Fairways and Blue water

Each year, thousands of foreign and local tourists book flights to Boracay through Cebu Pacific not only to get a glimpse of its pristine white beach, but also to experience a ton of fun-filled activities like the Boracay Zipline at Fairways and Blue water. Basically, the Borcay zipline gives you with bird’s eye view of the island, as you will be elevated eighty feet above sea level in a zipline that stretches out to more than three hundred meters.

Dahilayan Adventure Park Zipzone

With an impressive length of eight hundred forty meters, the Dahilayan Adventure Park Zipzone in Bukidnon has become one of the top attractions in the Mindanao area. Dubbed as the longest Zipline in Asia, this Dahilayan Adventure Park Zipzone gives you a scenic and breathtaking view of the awe- inspiring mountains of Bukidnon.

Outland Adventure
Davao City is home to some of the longest, fastest and most popular zipline rides in Asia. One of the best ziplines that the city has to offer is the zipline at Outland Adventure. This zipline gives you an unhindered view of the beautiful city of Davao, as you will be zipping on a cable that is suspended two hundred feet above the ground.

With ziplines, riders get a chance to experience the thrill of being suspended on a cable at a
considerable height. In addition, they get the joy of zipping through scenic and majestic views. For these reasons, ziplines have become popular not only with avid thrill-seekers and adventurists, but with kids and families as well. Nowadays, adventure parks and ziplines are cropping up all over the country, and are becoming popular tourist attractions.

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