Caving or spelunking is one of the few extreme nature adventure that I really loved. Moreover, fear and excitement enveloped my being if that was the topic because you are going to explore the nature surface beneath the ground, wherein you didn't know exactly the creatures living just an inches below your feet. Yet, one thing I assure you, if you were inside the cave orifice already, you'll surely amazed on the stalactites and stalagmites formation were carefully formed by the Hands of our loving Creator.

Cantabon Cave is located in Siquijor Island and it is near Mt. Bandilaan Nature Park. This cave has not been well developed that's why you can truly feel the nature serenity. On top of that, by paying only PHP300.00 for the entrance fee, guide and gears - you will be witnessing the grandeur beauty of Cantabon Cave, Siquijor.

It is about 300 meters long and 10 meters wide cave and it takes 1 and half hour cave exploration. Inside the cave you will be astound on the natural pool and the water dripping from the rock formation above you. You were like walking on a shower room. Yet, It's a bit scary at first but when you were there. Duh! Super exciting and those bad things inside the patties of your skull will be vanished away. :D

This Cave always leaves an excellent memory and amazement to it's visitors.

Caving TIP:
1. Register first on the Barangay hall near Cantabon Cave and pay the entrances. Then secure a tour guide.
2. Make sure your fit for this kind of activity.
3. Wear proper clothes to avoid scratches.
4.  Safety First.
5. Leave No Trace.


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  1. Wow...sounds fun and kind of scary. Can you swim in the caves?

  2. Precisely! Sorry but you cannot swim on the natural pool inside the cave. You can only dip your body. Thanks for dropping by Dana Carmel.