Cauayan is a first class municipality of Negros Occidental, it is sud-divided by 25 Barangays and it is categorized by coastal and upland. Furthermore, it is about 113 kilometers away from the Capital City of Negros Occidental – Bacolod City. This municipality is well known in the province to its white sand beaches, limestone and fish products. The two popular destination in Cauayan are the Punta Bulata Whitesand Beach Resort and Danjugan Island Marine Reserve they well known all around the world because of its stunning, pristine and majestic beauty to behold.

My Church friend who is from Cauayan and where most of his families are living there inviting me to spend my two days leave on the upland area of Cauayan. At first, I had a hesitation because days prior on the said scheduled I will be having a Major Climb at Mt. Mandalagan in the Mountainous area of Silay City. However, they were confident enough to beat me through their encouraging words about the place and of course I accept my defeat! Yet, I know that in this adventure I will learn so much thing that human can apprehend. Precisely that was correct! and I will tell you later why I agreed.
Our first destination on our first day is their Mainit spring it is only 15 minutes walk from the National Highway of Tiling. On the other hand, it is in the middle of rice fields. In order for you to go there just prepare your body to walk on a foot walk made by mud. Though, It was not my first time to walk on that kind of foot walk - still I enjoyed it. There are 3 different Mainit Spring exist on the place according to it's water temperature. It is not well developed because it is a private property but I heard that there's a foreigner wants to buy the place and planning to transform it to a resort.  That's a good news then!

After we took our lunch on the Homestead of my Friend we decided to go to Tambad an upland Barangay in Cauayan and stay there for the rest of the night. We take a tricycle from Masaling going to Tambad River and take a hike for about 4 hours. It's a nice a adventure and I was sweating all the time - a great preparation for my Major Climb (Mt. Mandalagan). We reached tambad around 5:30PM a bit dark already and you can hear already the buzzing sound of nights creatures. You can feel the real life in the rural area away from the stressful and busy life in the city. Thus, being contented on what food serves on their respected table, hospitable neighborhood, no electricity, radiation free, fresh air, mountain breeze, natural water and lot more. So tranquil!

How to get to Cauayan Negros Occidental:
From Bacolod City - Just take a Ceres bus from Bacolod South Bus Terminal bound to Hinobaan/Bayawan/Isio Narra and inform the ticket specialist to drop you off at Tiling, Cauayan.

There you go! Enjoy - :D

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