Zamboanguita in Sanskrit, means a "SONG FOR ALL" a 4th class municipality of Negros Oriental Province and it's named acquired on a progressive city from the distant - Zamboanga City. However, this is my 2nd stop after I explored Lake Balanan in Siaton, my eagerness to scrutinize the Zoo Paradise World in Salngan, Zamboanguita was superb. Thus, I believed and I knew that this is our favorite spot and dream when we were a kid. Nonetheless, It was 10 years ago when this Zoo was untold by my Grandmother and shared her experiences inside this place. She said that they have "Sigbin" in lay-mans term a "Pet of a Witch" here alive! Whoah! Excitement and fear enveloped my whole being.
As I am riding on a Public Utility vehicle from Siaton I informed the Konduktor to drop me off in front of Zoo Paradise entrance. At the Zoo inlet, there's a big Signage that says "Welcome to Nature City" for sure if you have plan to visit this place someday you will not miss it. Since, I am in a hurry that time because after this fantastic visit, I need to go back to Cebu City. So, we paid our entrance (PHP 20.00) hurriedly and the receptionist gave us a small brochure regarding the place and some thoughts to ponder. After that, we are free to stroll and explore the place, absolutely!
This Zoo was established in leadership of Father Eleuterio J. Tropa a poet and crusader Evangelist. The Parcel of land where the Zoo is situated was his property and all of his relatives was living inside this 7 hectares land. The animals inside the Zoo is one amongst his many collection, thus Fr. Tropa travel every part of the world proclaiming the Gospel whilst saving the wild extinction. Moreover, there are lot of wild animals inside the Zoo that you will truly love and behold. You can feel also the serene environment inside the place. 

You are unlimited (See all Free) to explore Zoo Paradise World - Nature City, Natural History and Peace, Nature Wonderland, Oceanarium (Mina Undersea World), Fr. Tropa's Birthplace. I assure you that there's a lot of amazing things you will discover in the Zoo Paradise World. So, If I were you come and visit the place now! 
Below are some quotable quotes of late Fr. Tropa:

"We are now in the Last days of the end of the World! The Golden Age."

"Love is Peace! Understanding is order, Order is Harmony, Harmony is Freedom, Freedom is Peace, Peace is Happiness and this is Love. LOVE FOR ALL!"

"Go on Living. Loving and serving your fellowman selflessly,  without expecting any reward, and without malice nor bad intent, then you have found true Eternal fountain of Youth."

Zamboanguita Zoo Natural Paradise of the World Entrance Fee:

PHP 20.00 - Adult - One admission only - Unlimited sight seeing.
PHP 10.00 - Children - One admission only - Unlimited sight seeing.

How to get there:
It is one hour drive away from Dumaguete City, approximately 28 kilometers in distance. You can take a Bus or Jeepneey and inform the Kundoktor to drop you off at Zamboanguita Zoo.  

For more questions and inquiries in regards to the place. Please do not hesitate to contact this telephone number (+035) 224-2771.


Be Particular with the Sign board, Caution sign and other signage inside the ZOO since there is no Guide available to help you. Your safety depends on you. Be Careful and Enjoy your stay!

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