Siquijor Island is rich and well known when it comes to natural healing using herbs and roots that is available in their province. Though, we were in the Digital Age already but they were still practicing it and it is still exist in the Island. After the Ferry Boat docked on the port of Siquijor from Dumaguete City, I was stunned on the White Sand Beaches and breathtaking view of the Mountain. At first glance, you can feel the simple and bountiful life of locals, you can see at their faces that they are contented on their status in regards on the sacrifices and suffering they are in. 

Anyway, I meet a locals from Lazi; we share our point of views; takled about their pride attractions -  and of course asking her an accurate information and direction going to Old Enchanted Balete Tree, Mt. Bandilaan, Lazi Church and Convent, Cambugahay Falls, Butterfly Sanctuary and the Cantabon Cave. Alas! "ate Grace" told me to ride a Jeepney together with her going to Lazi and she promised that she will help me in negotiating Motorcycle Driver to take a ride and be my guide in the Island. For about two hours of joy ride and sight seeing we reached the Lazi at last. We wait for ate grace to call her cousin so that I can start my exciting adventure right then.  
Undeniably, I visit Old Enchanted Balete Tree of Siquijor Province - it is well known as their island landmark. It is proudly standing approximately 50ft. in height and according to the locals it is 400 years old already. Whoah! what an old tree and it is very huge in diameter. It is just 1 hour ride only from the port and 300 meters from the Highway of Lazi. According to our Philippine Folklore this kind of Fig tree are the haven of mythical creatures. Well, I don't think so. 

Yet, you can freely wash your clothes and swim on the flowing stream also coming from the base of the Old Enchanted Balete Tree and experience the cool and enchanted water of the place. Furthermore, there is no entrance fee but they put a Donation Box for you to share your extra penny.

Enjoy your stay and be safe always!

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  1. Beautiful tree! I am a half-Pilipino and my great grandmother is from Siquijor.

  2. Thank you JR Riel for visiting my Website. I've been in Siquijor last year and it's a great province. :)