Our country are known for being rich in church traditions, as an evident were the Old churches situated anywhere in the archipelago.The St. Isidore Labradore church and the Convent in Lazi are situated next to each other, they were only separated by the deserted national road of Lazi. Undoubtedly, The church and convent was constructed way back mid 1800's by Augustinian recollects. Moreover, in 1970's both the Church and the convent were declared as the National Historical Shrines by National Historical Institute of the Philippines.

As I stepped out on the Motorcycle we rented I was amazed and mesmerized on the Spanish architecture of the Church and Convent, reminding you at once of it's long ago eminence. Aside from gigantic acacia trees, tested by time - proudly standing that surrounds the place. The Church and the convent dubbed as the ancient national treasure of the Country as well as the Siquijor Province, an excellent picturesque of an old era.
I haven't explored the church's autogenous because we have scarcity of time but I was given an opportunity to enter and take a look in their convent and museum. The interior of the convent was made of hardwood studs and panels. By paying only PHP20.00 it is worth to have nostalgic feeling of 1800's as you witness the old - old - old preserved diary of the Friars, antique typewriter, stone images, graven saints on the wood, baptismal book record clothed by Carabao's skin and etc. There's a lot to see!

Just bear on your mind that Taking PHOTOS was not permitted. Be a good citizen then.

Visiting Siquijor island will not be completed if you did not stop, explore, sit and stare the Lazi Old Church, San Isidro Labrador Convent and Church Museum. It's 2 hours drive away from the port by car, rented motorcycle and Public utility vehicle approximately 15 kilometers by distance.

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