Lake Balanan is a freshwater lake situated in the mountain side of Sitio Balanan, Barangay Sandulot, Siaton, Negros Oriental. A humerus-shaped body of water, 25 hectares in surface area, 285 Meters Above Sea Level and it resembling figure of 8. According to the history way back in 1925 there is a tectonic earthquake landed in the area of Siaton with a 6.8 Magnitude in Ritcher Scale that caused a landslide in the area thus created a natural dam that blocks the river water flow of Balanan River to produce a magnificent lake. 
Lake Balanan offers you their one of a kind facilities/amenities so that it will make your stay memorable and exciting it includes a lodging at their tree house, three swimming pool to choose from, gourmet restaurant, and a room for overnight stay. They have adventure activities also for water adventure/trekking lover like fishing, kayaking, boat riding, and hiking along the cemented pathways around the lake or going to the Waterfalls. It is one way for you to enjoy the magnificent views and the fresh mountain breeze that will bring you relief. So there is no way you can say "NO" to this one of a kind offer. So come and experience the true nature at Balanan Lake.

How to get there

Lake Balanan is 5 km. away from the Siaton Highway. Thus, It is just an hour drive by car or by Ceres Bus from Dumaguete City. There is a big sign so you almost can't miss it. Just  follow the partially cemented road it is about a 20-30 minutes drive from the highway junction offering an excellent view. You can hire a motorcycle going up there or you can take a hike. 

Lake of Balanan Official Rates:
Entrance - Adult (PHP 50.00) Children under 12 years old (PHP 25.00)
                 Includes trekking, comfort rooms, swimming pool, use of raft from pier 2 to 3, and insurance. NO ENTRANCE FEE EVERY TUESDAY
Banca/Baroto - PHP50.00/hour, good for 2 persons
                         PHP100.00/hour, good for 8 persons
Pedal Boat - PHP100.00/hour
Kayak - PHP150.00/hour
Triak - PHP200.00/hr
Floating Cottage - PHP100.00/hr
Hotel - Big Rooms - PHP4,000.00/day, max 4 pax
                                  (Maximum additional 3 pax)
            Small Rooms - PHP1,500.00/day max 3 pax
                                  (Maximum additional 3 pax)
            Addional PHP200.00/ pax

Staff House - PHP 2,000.00/day, max 10 pax
                       (Maximum additional 5 pax)
            Addional PHP100.00/ pax
Tree House - PHP2,000.00/day, max 6 pax
Balaney - PHP5.00/ pax
Picnic Table - PHP30.00 whole day
Camping Fee - PHP150.00/day

Contact Negros Oriental Tourism
Balanan Admin : (+63 35) 427  0345

Lake Balanan Expenses

Bus from Cebu City - Liloan Port (Round Trip) - PHP 336.00
Ferry Boat - Sibugay Port(Two way) - PHP128.00
Jeep from Sibugay to Dumaguete - PHP22.00
Tricycle fee - PHP 32.00
Bus from Dumaguete to Siaton (Round Trip) - PHP 120.00
Motorcycle Fare (Round Trip) - PHP 120.00
Lake Entrance - PHP50.00
Souvenir (T-shirt) - PHP200.00
Food and Water - PHP 300.00

Total Expenses = PHP1,308.00

My escapade in Balanan Lake is truly amazing. Spending my time in this little paradise was refreshing, stress releasing and rejuvenating. Plus listening to the sounds of pure nature was extravagant. If I were you - You should not miss out on this stunning place!

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  1. Nice place to visit. :)

  2. Is this rate still the same upto today?

    1. Hi, I don't know @Anonymous if the above rates are still the same until today because the last time I visited Lake Balanan was last year and that's their standard rates that time.

  3. how safe is lake Balanan to locals and tourists

  4. Is peace and order in the area OK?

  5. Yea Lake Balanan is safe. The people are good and the staffs are accomodating. I have researched Lake Balanan through many blogs and reviews. You can find more about Lake Balanan in this blog here: