Kaitulari Mountain Spring Resort is a 28 hectare property consisting of mango farm, fish ponds, river, swimming pool from springs, lodging areas. Moreover, it is about 2 hours drive from Bacolod passing by Pontevedra, La Castellana. Larry Geronca was the owner of the Resort and he named the place. "Kay" "To Larry" = Kaitulari, which literally means "Larry's Place" or "Toto Larry's Place" with "TOTO" as a form of endearment for men in Hiligaynon dialect -  it is sounds funny but that's how they come up the name of the place.
A perfect haven for it caters a package that suits everybody's preferences.  It is a  minute walk mountain resort from the national highway of Barangay Guinpanaan,  Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental. The luscious green landscape of  Kaitulari plus its signage's that make it unique from other resorts, all the cabin logs was named starting with “kai” that create a question marks in the mind of the guests. The cool water of the doughnut shape pool refreshes very tiny limb and restless muscles of the body. Furthermore, various trekking route is available for adventure lovers. 
My heart is filled with excitement as I set my foot on the cool water as the start of our trail by the river. The water current pushes us downstream since we are opposing with the flow thus making it more difficult to move forward. We ended up at the foot of the “Buhok Ng Diwata” cliff which stands ninety degrees, we almost crawled in order to grasp anything within our reach to prevent us from falling. We are on euphoric state after that climb having a loud pounding inside us when we don't notice our path anymore. The scenario that awaits us is the majestic picturesque of Mt. Canlaon stands aloft from the viewing garden at the northern part of the resort. We were acquainted  by the family members with 3D representation and enjoy taking pictures with them as a souvenir.
It was a magnificent getaway indeed!!!....
Kaitulari Mountain Spring Resort Rates:

Entrance - ADULT (PHP 20.00) CHILDREN (PHP 10.00)
Pool - FREE if you pay your entrance already
Guide Fee - PHP 20.00 per pax
Cottages Rental - PHP800.00 - Good for 10 person 
                               PHP1,500.00 - Good for 10 person Overnight stay
Aircon Rooms : PHP 1,500.00 Overnight stay

How to get there

From Bacolod City:

Take a Bus at Bacolod City South Bus Terminal bound to Canlaon City via Magallon. Then inform the Konduktor to drop you off at Kaitulari Tourism Office at Guinpanaan, Moises Padilla it is just infront of their Public plaza. Enjoy! Kip safe. Ciao

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