I've always seen a lot of excellent pictures in the Internet regarding the stunning beauty of Siquijor Province, the Island of Fire and Magic. Siquijor is an Island in the Province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. According to the History, Spaniards called the Island "Isla del Fuego", because it gave off an eerie glow, which came from the bunches of fireflies hovering in the numerous Molave Trees in the Island.

Long time ago, these Island reputation as the Island of Sorcery of Magic attracts both the tourist and keep them away. Furthermore, they are well known in ritual healing that uses herbs, bark of the tree and roots. Thus, as I set my foot and get ready myself for a great exploration adventure in the Island I truly felt the excitement and fear since it is lingers on my mind that this place was practicing wizardry, sorcery and witchcraft but I was wrong because their Government does not tolerate such action. 

Moreover, there is one signage that caught my attention at the entrance of the Island it is about the marvelous allure of Cambugahay Falls that is located in Lazi, Siquijor - it was incomparable at your first glance, how much more if you can touch, see and felt its bluish water. So, together with my travel buddy we have decided to explore the place and of course take some pictures.

Among the many attractions of the Island of Siquijor are the Whitesand Beaches, Caves, butterfly sanctuary, museum, old balate tree and waterfalls. Our first stop is the Cambugahay Falls it's 2 hours drive away from the Port and the mean of transportation going here is by motorycycle since there are no passenger jeepney available in the place. I loved waterfalls and seeing a Cambugahay waterfalls will always dream come true for me. Moreover, it has a unique features that you will mesmerize, amazed and exhilarate from it's one of a kind water color to it's water cascades. Truly a magnificent place.
 Entrance Fee : PHP 20.00

Enjoy your visit at Siquijor Province. Cheers!

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