It's been a long time since I travel on the Southern Part of Cebu. One Sunday Morning my unreposed feet brought me at the Municipality of Alegria and giving myself an opportunity to explore their Alegria Heritage Park Xavier Bay Complex. Though, It is my first time to set my right and left foot at the said place yet, I delightfully enjoyed it's  pride attraction, the hospitable multitude and the simple life of Alegrianhon.

Moreover, Alegria is a 4th class municipality of Cebu province which are administratively sud-dived of 9 Barangay. Yet, they also celebrated their "Kawayan Festival" or "Bamboo Festival" annually during their town fiesta honoring Saint Francis Xavier on the Month of December. 

Alegria Heritage Park  offers a comfy benches, well maintained Bermuda grassland that serves as a playground for children, conference hall, and etc. At night, you can feel the cold breeze of the wind from the ocean and the continuous splashing sound of the waves that succor our consciousness. 

Nevertheless, it is an excellent place to bond with the family and unwind from nerve - racking day by enjoying a sight to behold. There's a restaurants also near to this place and in front of this park is the Alegria Roman Catholic Church.

BALUARTE (Watch Tower)

Watch tower built in the 1800's during the Spanish regime in the Philippines. This historic structure was used as detecting device to warn the locals from envading pirates and moro raiders for slave trading in Moluccas. On February 21, 2012 Governor Gwendolyn Fiel Garcia, in cooperation with the local government of Alegria under the Leadership of Hon. Mayor Emelita Blanco Guisadio, unveiled the Alegria Heritage Park  with the Baluarte as it's most significant Landmarks.

I love taking sunset photos because it  has a significant in my lives that despite of the failures I had encountered yesterday I have still the chance to change my tomorrow into a productive or a better one. Apparently, this is the best time also to count the blessings we received from our Creator by praising Him silently. 
How to get there:
From Queen City of the South (Cebu City)

Just take a Ceres Bus bound to Legaspi, Alegria at South Bus Terminal. Then inform the bus ticket Specialist to drop you off at Alegria Heritage Park. Gotcha! There you go - Enjoy!

Alegria Heritage Park Expenses:

Bus Fare(Round Trip) - PHP 276.00
Food and Water - PHP 200.00

Total  = PHP476.00

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  1. Thanks for this. Your country is almost completely unknown for me but it makes the discoveries even more exciting.