Our body needs always an invigorating and therapeutic bath in order to relieve our stressed muscles and joints. Thus, being not a medical practitioner in nature I advised that you will try to indulge your body in Mainit Spring in Alegria and you can feel it's therapeutic effect that even I was amazed for the first time. In addition, Mainit Spring is one of a kind tourist spot in the Province of Cebu that you must visit. This place was left unexplored by many. Though,   there are only few houses erected in the place but they are 5oo meters away from the spot. As long as I remember, it is only 30 minutes away from the Highway. 

Nature has always a unique and majestic features that you will surely loved and behold. Sometimes, it is a good place for us to unwind from our stressful work, busy lifestyle and hazardous daily routines in metropolitan. This place will surely help us out in corrupted cities we are in. Thus, giving us time to savor God's goodness through the gift of Nature.

Mainit Spring in Alegria is not a well developed hot spring/dipping pool. This place don't have cottages, rest room, store, and other amenities you are expecting. However, the municipality allocated already a budget with the help of province to develop Mainit Spring into a hot spot among tourists, commuters, explorer and etc. They added that it could be a good venue also for outdoors enthusiasts, side trip for mountaineers and river trekkers. Since Mt. Lanaya also was situated in this Municipality "tagged as the toughest mountain to climb in Cebu Province" just 30 minutes away from Mainit Spring.

This is the area where I dip my whole body it is only 1 feet deep but you can truly feel the water warmthness  that made my body relaxed, relieved and rejuvenated. In addition, there are 3  choices of water temperature you can choose from according to the hotness toleration of your skin.
A sight to behold in Mainit Spring
 Just below this Rocky Mountain situated  the unexplored Mainit Spring of Alegria. So what are you waiting for, take a dip now!
Alegria, Old balete Tree
If you're planning to explore this place make sure to bring enough food and other personal belongings that is essential for you since there is no store available in the spot.

How to get there:

From Queen City of the South (Cebu City)

Just take a Ceres Bus bound to Legaspi, Alegria at South Bus Terminal. Then inform the bus ticket Specialist to drop you off at "Eskina Mainit Spring". You can see also the engraved welcome signage. After that, if you want you can take a "Habal - habal" or you can walk. Just follow where the concreted road leads you since Mainit Spring situated at the end of the concreted road of Sitio Samboan.. If you lost from nowhere just approach the locals for direction they will surely happy to help you.

Mainit Spring Expenses:

Bus Fare (Round Trip) - PHP 276.00

Food and Water - PHP 200.00

Total Mainit Spring Budget = PHP476.00

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