Our daily routines in metropolitan makes our body fat, unhealthy and  weak that's why even the Bible suggests us to go at the top of the mountain enjoy the crisp fresh air, behold the lofty skies, and silently praise God's awesome creation - NATURE. It has a super effect both our Physical and Spiritual body that boosts our intellectual motors to function well and comprehend things in divinely manner.

That is why I included Mt. Lanaya in my list to climb this year and experience once again the worthy things that human can perceive. In addition, our Mt. Lanaya feat was my preparation climb for Mt. Mandalagan/Mt. Silay Expedition because this mountain are known for mountain climbers as their training ground for their Major climb thus it bestowed as the most difficult mountain to climb in Cebu Province. 

Mt. Lanaya is towering 700 Meters Above Sea Level (MASL), the peak of the Mountain is called "Kalo Kalo Peak" derived from the English word "hat" due to it's one of a kind rock formation. They consider this Mountain also as a dormant volcano since there are a lot of Hot spring existence around the Mountain ranges. In addition, you can conquer this Mountain by climbing at the base via Legaspi Trail or Lumpan, Alegria, Cebu. As you reached the summit of the Mountain you will amazed the breathtaking view of the Tañon Strait, Negros Island and the Municipalities of Badian and Malabujoc

We arrived at the Brgy. Hall of Legazpi (Jump off Point) around 5.00PM and we hurriedly approach the Barangay personnel for registration (proper etiquette for tourist) so that we can start our trek immediately going to Windows XP Campsite (perfect haven away from home) before the sunset. They informed us also that our guide will be meeting us tomorrow on the campsite. We bid farewell to them and follow the trail that leading us to Sitio Samoang. 

Unluckily we haven't reached yet the camp site when the  darkness totally embraces the  whole place, good thing we brought our Head lamps.
We meet locals at the peak of the Mountain and they join me in this Picture. The two kids in my left was our Guide.
Our 40/50 degrees ascent on the very next day was heart thumping, exciting and extraordinary. Mostly, 50% of the trail you will encounter thorny branches/vines, loosed soil and rocks that will make your ascent difficult and treacherous. So, safety first! always wear the proper attire for Mountain climbing, it will make your climb comfortable and worry free. Thus it is highly advisable also to climb this mountain during dry season because if there is heavy downpour of rain it will make the trail slippery and dangerous. In addition kindly bring at least 2 liters of water and trail food (Jelly, Chocolates, dried fruits and etc.). 
Our campsite also known as the Windows XP.
Honestly speaking my experience in assaulting this Mountain was awesome and excellent because of the good weather, unharmed, breathtaking view at the Peak, and the laughter we had shared along the trail.  I truly believed that the bonds of friendship are the best present we ever received.
Overlooking the Municipality of Alegria and Badian.

Mt. Lanaya Itinerary 2D/1N :

Day 1
01.00PM - Departure from Cebu City
05.00PM - Arrival at Sitio Samoang (Jump - off Point)
05.15PM - Registration / Get a Guide
05:30PM - Start Trek
06.00PM - Arrival at Windows XP Campsite
06.10PM - Pitch Tent
06.45PM - Cook Dinner
07.15PM - Dinner
07.30PM - Social
08.30PM - Lights Off

Day 2
05.00AM - Wake up call
05.30AM - Cook Breakfast
06.15AM - Breakfast
07.00AM - Break Camp
07.30AM - Start Trekking via Legaspi Trail
09.30AM - Arrival at Summit
10.00AM - Place Exploration
11.00AM - Lunch at the summit
11.30AM - Off to Brgy. Lumpan
12.30PM - Lumpan Junction
12.45PM - Ride Habal Habal going to Alegria Proper
01.00PM - Beachineering, Place Exploration, Side trips, and etc.

Mt. Lanaya Budget and Expenses from Cebu City

Bus Fare - PHP 276.00
Guide Fee - PHP200.00
Food and Water - PHP 200

Total Mt. Lanaya Expenses = PHP 676.00

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  1. Wow! nice pictures and thanks for the breakdown of your expenses!

  2. Thank you for the compliments. Godspeed!

  3. great photos bro. never seen cloud and sea meet so beautifully

  4. Hi Bro, is there a camp site on the summit? or is there another campsite aside from the windows xp (like windows vista, windows 7 :D )? We will have our climb this coming July 5 in Mt. Lanaya and it's our first time to climb this mountain.
    BTW, thanks for writing this blog, very informative :)