"I believe that the ascent of mountains forms an essential chapter in the complete duty of man, and that it is wrong to leave any district without setting foot on its highest peak." -- Sir Leslie Stephen

Mt. Kanlaon or Canlaon is located in the boundary of Sugar Capital of the Country, Province of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental. It is also called as a centerpiece of Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park at Canlaon City thus it was established August 08, 1934 (MKNP). It is proudly standing at 2,435 Meters Above Sea Level (MASL) or (7,989 ft). In addition, Mt. Kanlaon is an active volcano of Negros Island and Central Philippines . It's adjacent volcanic edifices are Mt. Mandalagan (Marapara Peak) and Mt. Silay (Tinagung Dagat).

My unexpected journey begins now! being a freelance traveler and had a passion in Mountain Climbing it always lingers on my inquisitive mind that I will conquer the Highest Peak of the Archipelago before I will gave back my spirit to our Creator. That's why when my Friend Mark @ (Just Mark my Travel) invited me to join their Mt. Kanlaon climb of course I hadn't any hesitation I just packed up all the essential things I needed and I just bear where the winds blow. 

It's raining hard and seems that the world cries in great despair at that time wherein Super Typhoon "OFEL" was still inside Philippines' Territory according to PAGASA so we had an urgency that our climb will be aborted and rescheduled it as DENR personnel Mr. Bibar advised is concerned and for our safety as well. Yet, I am in paranoia state at that moment because my excitement was fail off. So what I did is I just pray and hoping that the typhoon will left the Philippines area of responsibility a day prior on our scheduled climb and my fervent prayer was answered.

First thing in the morning I rechecked all my personal things, equipments and gear and Gotcha! All are set and ready to go. Yet, we also dropped by the nearest Supermarket and bought some groceries  for our human engine in order for us to survive on the elite trail of Mt. Kanlaon. Thus, we meet the group at South Bus Terminal at exactly 1.00PM so that we can still catch up for the last trip (05.00PM) of the Ferry boat bound to San Carlos City. When we were in the bus terminal, we greeted each other by saying Hi and Hellos' to my Mountain Classmates namely Gino, Angel, Jo Anne, Morry and Mark. They are friendly in nature and approachable as well that's why I am looking forward that I will join with them again on their future climb.
Group picture at  Mt. Kanlaon Saddle Camp.
We luckily catch up the last trip of ferry boat bound to San Carlos City and we arrived there around 06.15PM. Then we hurriedly asked the Ceres Personnel if there is still a trip going to Canlaon City wherein Mt. Kanlaon lies, and he said "may ara pa, Last trip" (There is still a Last Trip). Yet, by halting for about 30 minutes approximately ~ waiting for the last trip (06.45PM), going to Canlaon City the group decided to take our dinner first at the bus terminal and of course that's a favorable situation for me since I am starving already and I need to put something on my empty stomach. We enjoyed the meal and the camaraderie of the group since it is our first Dinner so our nights together was started.

Time goes  fast, we reached Canlaon City safe and sound. More interestingly amazed by it's cold weather and the great people as well. We meet our guide (Manong Amay) at the Terminal and together with him we take a "habal-habal" going to our jump-off point, Sitio Maput. We pitched our tents, freshened up and some of the members of the group cooked our midnight snacks since we were hungry again. lol
The Endemic Plants along the trail of Mt. Kanlaon Mossy Forest.

Before I go to my nights slumber I earnestly praying for our safe climb (from ascent to descent) and for the good weather as well, that we will be able to survive and to enjoy God's masterpiece creation. We woke up around 05.00AM to prepare our Physical body by stretching and take a quick jogging thus, we explore the place and take some photos also. We started our trekking at 07.00AM and we reached the Camp 1 at 9.00AM - this is must our campsite if we arrived at Sitio Maput around 3.00PM (2 Hours away from the Jump-off point). We just take a quick rest, picture taking of the beautiful vegetation, and after that we resume our trekking as our guide/porter told us.  We also meet some locals along the trail and most of them is cultivating their crops to make it ready for the harvest time. As we passed by a sweet potato field of an Old Granny she offered us a "Yakun" that's the local name of the root crop she said that it is the main ingredient of the well known Herbal Capsule of the Country the "Yaki Herbal Capsule". Though, it is my first time to enjoy  it's sweet, watery, crunchy and flavorful taste I still loved it! she added also that it is an alternative medicine if you had urine problem.

To make my long story short and make it shorter too, we took our lunch at the trail and we refilled our emptied bladder at Kutitap (Water last Resource). We luckily reached Makawiwili Camp Site around 4.00PM and it's very dark already since the whole place was covered by a thick fog. You can also heard its ghastly wind sounds from within, Grrr! So cold. My heart is overfilled with joy and very grateful that I was able to reached the Camp site unscathed. To God be the Glory! Even though of the not so cooperative weather we still managed to cook our food in the tent vestibule. We had our lights off right after our dinner because we were all tired plus the good rhythm of heavy downpour sound of rain that made me sleepy. To my great despair I was awakened by the 12 Degree Celsius Temperature of the Mt. Kanlaon at it make me shiver. That time I am hoping and praying that I will still be able to survive and in a blink of my eyes the time will change to 5.ooAM because as long as I remember it's still 1.30AM at that moment. So, what I did is I just opened my bag and extracted all my things and made it as my mattress since I don't have sleeping bag that will give me extra comfort and relief on the tempestuous weather I encountered on Mt. Kanlaon.
The Best shot I ever got! Margaja Valley in background.
We started our trekking on the next day right after we were done eating some crackers, left over food, and  drink hot coffee/choco ~ to refueled our tired body. There you go! We walked for about 4 hours on the mossy forest and slippery foot path of the mountain. To tell you frankly the trail was slippery during rainy season so by keeping your balance you must grasp/hold some vines and branches along the trail. Yet, it is advisable also to wear gloves at all times (if you're planning for Mt. Kanlaon Expedition) in order to protect your hands on the thorny vines that is present on the trail. Twas 11.00AM when we reached the Saddle Camp and then we fetched some water for our cooking (Swamp Water), it is brownish in color and it is not safe for drinking but Angel managed to used her skill in fluids filtration. Though, we were surprised and happy that the Volcano crater was clearing so we had a chance to see and witness it's majestic beauty to behold.
The Sea of Clouds in Mt. Kanlaon Saddle Camp overlooking the neighboring Municipalities.
Unluckily, we didn't reached the summit of Mt. Kanlaon because of the thick fog fantastically covered the crater thus, our guide advised us that we will start to descend instead of waiting the clearing because if that gonna happens we will reached the exit point (Sitio Mananawin) late in the evening. Though, we can still go back next time during summer because it is the best month to climb the said mountain. Nevertheless, seeing the crater was our goal and we failed to do so we still enjoyed the company of the group, amazed on the pristine forest and witness the flora and fauna of the mountain. Well, It is a dream come true for us.
We are rolling in the unnamed grass just below the Saddle Camp. Hold on and Let's enjoy the slide.
Note: When planning a trekking at Mt. Kanlaon please make sure to secure climbing permit at the office of the Protected Area Superintendent (Tourism Office) or you may simply text Jigz at  Mobile Number 09077039828/09423746654 and he will just email you all the necessary documents that needs to be submitted prior to your scheduled climb.

Below are Mount Kanlaon Itinerary 2D/3N Expedition:

Day 1 
01:00PM - Cebu City Departure
03:00PM -  Arrival at Toledo City
04:00PM - Taking Ferry Boat 
06:15PM - Arrival at San Carlos City
06:20PM - Taking Tricycle going to Bus Terminal
06:30PM - Dinner at Bus Terminal
06:45PM - Taking Bus going to Canlaon City (Last Trip)
07:45PM - Arrival at Canlaon City
07:50PM - Going to Jigz Residence
08:00PM - Taking Habal -habal going to Jump off point (Sitio Maput)
08:30PM - Sitio Maput Arrival
09:00PM - Pitch Tent
09:30PM - Cook Dinner
10:15PM - Dinner
10:30PM - Social
11:00PM - Lights off

Day 2
05:00AM - Wake up call
06:00AM - Breakfast
06:30AM - Place Exploration with Picture Taking
07:00AM - Start trek
11:30AM - Lunch at the Trail
12:15PM - Resume Trek
02:00PM - Arrival at Kutitap stop over
02:15PM - Fetch Water (Last water source)
04:00PM - Arrival at Makawiwili ridge
04:30PM - Pitch Tent
05:00PM - Cook Dinner
06:25PM - Dinner
07:00PM - Socials
08:00PM - Lights off

Day 3
05:00AM - Wake up call
06:00AM - Breakfast
06:30AM - Place Exploration with Picture Taking
07:00AM - Start trek
10:00AM - Arrival at Saddle Camp
10:30AM - Crater Assault
11:30AM - Cook Lunch at Saddle Camp and Pitch Tent 
12:15PM - Lunch
12:45PM - Picture Picture
01:00PM - Descent (Sitio Mananawin)
04:00PM - Arrival at Patay na Ilog
04:30PM - Resume Trek
06:30PM - Arrival at Sitio Mananawin
06:45PM - Taking Tricycle going to Canlaon City proper
07:00PM - Jigz Residence at Canlaon City Proper
07:15PM - Check in at Chosen Pension House
07:45PM - Dinner
09:00PM - Freshen up
10:00PM - Lights off 

Mt. Kanlaon Expenses:

Climb Registration and Certificate - PHP380
Cebu to Toledo City Wharf - PHP60.00
Ferry Boat from Toledo City to San Carlos City - PHP400.00 (Standard)
Terminal Fee - PHP 25.00
Tricycle  Fee - PHP10.00
San Carlos Terminal to Canlaon Terminal - PHP110.00
Lunch and Dinner - PHP150.00 (3 Meals)
Habal-Habal from Canlaon Terminal to Sitio Maput/Jump Off Point - PHP100.00
Tour Guide fee - PHP700.00 per day 
Porter Fee (mandatory if 2 or more climbers) - PHP500.00 per day 
Food ration - PHP300.00 per person 
Sitio Mananawin/Masulog to Canlaon City Proper - PHP150.00
1 Night Pension House Accommodation - PHP200.00
Canlaon to Cebu City via Ceres Liner - PHP155.00

Total Expenses for Mt. Kanlaon expedition: PHP3,255.00

As I conquered the Highest Peak of Visayas the Mt. Kanlaon, t'was an answered prayer for me because when I was as child I said to myself that someday I will be able to vanquish the Mountain, set my foot and praise it's hidden beauty!

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  1. I dreamed about Mt. Kanlaon, you're lucky enough to visit this kind of places. My work forbid me to explore this wonders. Keep up!

  2. Thank you Trekker Trail for reading my articles. I highly appreciate your time.

  3. The pictures of the group are flashing in my mind right now when I am reading this post. I will forever treasure the moment and the hardships I should say when we had this climb however, none could beat the glory and the sense of triumph when we saw a good clearing at the top of Kanlaon despite the bad weather condition! Great post, Dar!

  4. The memories we had shared on the trail was totally awesome despite of inclement weather, luckily we survived! and I treasured it forever. I saw - I meet - I found new faces and new friends as well. I hope that we could still be a classmates on our future climbs and adventure. Thanks for dropping by.

    Thank you Angel!

  5. i would like to ask if when was your last climb at Mt. Canlaon and how much was your expenses (fare, foods, etc.)? we are planing to climb there but i was ask by my friends about the budget how much will it be. thanks you, God Bless and more power to your group...

  6. The Last time I climbed Mt. Kanlaon was on October 26-28, 2012. My total expenses for Mt. Kanlaon - PHP 3,255.00

    Thanks for dropping by! God bless. :)

  7. How many hours it took you to reach from jump-off point to the summit?

  8. It takes 12-13 Hours to reach Mt. Kanlaon summit(crater). Enjoy!

  9. can we climb w/o certificate?

  10. @Anonymous - You mean Climb Permit? You need to secured a notarized permit from DENR for you to climb Mt. Kanlaon and it's mandatory.

    Happy Climbing!