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I will Confessed Now!

Being a blogger, traveler, commuter, explorer, adventurer, wanderer, mountaineer and simple netizen of the country. We have a lot of confessions needs to confess and mostly some of us afraid to do so. Apparently, there's a lot of secret things hidden that needs to be revealed. Yet, this time I want to share with you the poem I made last June 2012 thus, it is written inside the training room as I waiting so long my trainer to arrived for my Technical Training session.

This poem has a great impacts on my life as I succumb my inner privy feelings. Though, I cannot do this without special someone to serve as an inspiration behind these sentiments of longings. However, I wrote this "Nahidlaw na ako" on my dialect so that I can express freely my fragile emotions that was rooted on every letters harmoniously jumbled to convey a story.
                                                                   Nahidlaw na AKO . . .

Sang ako nagpanglakaton sa dalan sang Sugbo,
May ara ako nadumduman nga importante nga tawo,
Nga naghatag sang kalipay sa akon nga dughan,

Bisan pa sa malip -ot nga tinion lamang.

Sa tood tood lang ang tinion lumalabay lamang,
Daw sang san - o lang nga kita permi gaupdanay,
Apang subong isla na ang aton kalayuanay,
Pero sa gihapon, nahidlaw na ako kag indi ko ikaw makalimtan.

Sang una indi tanto ang aton mga problema,
Pero subong daw nagalukdo na kita sang isla,
Kapoy man panumdumon, Life's must go on!
Magbinuligay lamang kita samtang ikaw kag ako ara pa.

Sa lip -ot nga istorya mga abyan,
Daw wala nagid ako tinion sa inyo nga tanan,
Tungod sa kasako sang kabuhi basta ikaw may ginabuligan,
Apang imo lamang panumdumon, Ako sa imo nahidlaw.

Siguro indi ko na ini pagdungan, kay ako nasubuan sang tuman,
Kag ang tinion daw indi magsugot kay ini lip -ot lamang,
Sige mga abyan sa sunod naman - kag ikaw guid magkalipay,

Kung sa diin ka man ginbutang sang aton DIYOS nga naglalang sang tanan.

* My deepest sincerity to the person behind these story. 
The catastrophic circumstances that boost my euphoria are secluded always on my privy thoughts and feelings.

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  1. i think i know d person behind dis poem or shall i say "story"?...:)

  2. Thank you chawzkiesensi for taking your time reading my articles:))

  3. Thank you for the compliments Trekker Trail. God Bless!