I've always thought that there's always a good and bright side behind messy pollution and city rushed we had encountered in metropolis. That's why my relaxed feet take me again to this 2 days extra ordinary expedition wherein it boost my stamina and last fats stored will be burned. Yet, this climb is a continuation of my River Trekking in Budlaan and Kabang Falls that I posted in my Previous blog and of course! a preparation climb for our Mt. Kanlaon this year. This assault was planned by my friends namely Gino, Mark, Ryan and Aaron.

First and foremost I will give you brief insights about Mt. Kan -Irag also known as Sirao Peak or Pedro Calungsod Peak. This mountain is situated in the upland area of the city, specifically in Barangay Malubog. It is standing approximately 700 meters above sea level and at peak of this Mountain you will see the whole Metropolitan.

Thus, every travel has it's own story to revealed and here's mine.

To tell you honestly this Mt. Kan-Irag (Sirao Peak) - Mt. Babag trekking is my worst hiking experience in my whole being because my body was soaked with my wet clothes for almost 7 hours due to unfathomable weather condition. Anyway, we meet up by the group around 9:00am to bought some food and water and we started our feat around 10:30am from Julies Bakeshop at Sunny Hills Subdivision.

We were all wet, tired and hungry at that time and the weather seems didn't compromise. It's very foggy and the heavy downpour of the rain made me shiver all the time. At first, we didn't find the right trail for our final assault because of the fog - it is like we were groping for our whole life. Still our passion, enthusiasm and fervor to succeed didn't run low even though of our body condition. 

We luckily reached Sirao Peak around 0500pm and unluckily we can't pitch our tents at the peak as we have planned because of the ghastly winds threat that moving in every direction  which is very dangerous for us. That's why the group decided to descend from the mountain due to the bad weather condition and camped at Swiss Chalet Campsite - a perfect haven for us.

We walked, we trekked, we climbed, we ascended, we descended, and we slide always! These are the situation we faced along the trail of this Mountain but one thing I learned from this expedition is that you must prepared and be vigilant always on whatever circumstances you find along the way.

P.S : My Sincerity Thanks to Ryan for taking these Photos.

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  1. Hi Yaseen Abbas. Yes there are lot of precautions you need to know for trekking. Below are the essentials safety measures you need to know:
    1. Start your trekking training early
    2. Wear a proper gear and equipment
    3. Wear a trekking shoes/sandals that makes your feet more comfortable
    4. Bring sufficient water
    5. Bring trail food to replenish your energies, and etc.

    More Power! Thank you.