In every Journey there's always a part two and my writings wasn't exempted for that. In addition, these write ups are the continuation for my two days expedition and of course this is the finale and the most daring one (lolz). Mt Babag (RCPI Tower) is located in Barangay Sapangdaku, Cebu City, having an altitude of 750+ meters above sea level thus it is a bit high and it makes you closer to azure (or a light blue sky). 

While we were waiting for a motorcycle to take us up at the foot of Mountain View Resort the group is having fun like a kid walking at the flooded concrete road of Ayala heights thus, after halting for about an hour Gotcha! Here it is. Our motorcycle ride is the most extreme ride I ever had because I'm positioned at the front seat of the motorcycle and it's raining at that time. You can feel the strong impact of the rain in my skin and on my face and it shivers me. So, I just wear my Polaroid sunglasses and enjoy the dangerous ride instead. Yippee!

We thank God that we reached our Destination safe and sound! Even though my body was very tired and I'm very hungry at that moment we still continue our trek for about 2hours to reach our camping site. Furthermore, the group stopped at the nearest Sari Sari at the foot of the campsite to bought some Chips and soda - to refueled our human engine. We reached and we camped at Swiss Chalet Campsite (also know as Mt. Babag Campsite) around 7:30pm in the evening. Swiss Chalet Campsite is the perfect haven for campers, mountaineer, outdoor enthusiast and trekkers of the Metropolis because it is very near from the city and its very accessible to go up there. At night, you will be amazed also on the glaring and dazzling lights of Metropolitan.

At morning, we refilled our emptied bladder and fetched some water for our cooking and some members of the group take a bath at the brook. The trail from Chalet to RCPI tower is like walking to your neighborhood and bought some ice (very easy) but tell you this, after you descend from RCPI Tower going to Sitio Napo your death and life situation was started. You need always to grab some vines or any branches alongside of the trail to keep your balance on the muddy and slippery footpath.

After our unending trekking we finally reached Roble Sanctuary and we took our lunch and rest for about an hour. We also bought young Coconut ("butong") to replenish our energies. Yet, the family is very hospitable and accomodating they even care to offered their traditional recipe the "tinolang manok" to us. After a short rest, we continue our trekking for about 2 hours and we finally reached Sitio Napo and we hurriedly rented a habal - habal (Motorcycle) to drop us off at Guadalupe Church. In this extra ordinary activity twas recorded on my life's history and have an excellent part of my memoirs as an individual.

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