Your own secluded and private hideaway awaits!
Come and enjoy unending sunshine on the island
paradise of Mactan, CEBU Philippines.
The place to be is LOWAII
(Cebu Marine Beach Resort).
A paradise just for you...
* Quoted from Resort Official Website.
Why I am Here?

On my first month in my previous company was superbly great even though there's a lot of work to do, deadlines to comply and customer/client to satisfy. Yet, you need also to multitask always and work for extended hours everyday just to draw a smirk smile on my boss's face thus, it results to exhausted body, muscles fatigue and stress but I didn't care and I didn't give up. Still, I didn't argue with my body's sufferings because that's what we need to do just to survive and feed our Hunger and thirst soul in this survival planet and I know that it is part always of company's package.

The Reason:

Anyway, Cebu Marine Beach Resort is Lapu Lapu City is our venue for our Company's Annual Team Building Activity. It is not just a simple activity but a well - planned activity to rejuvenate our body and mind, freshened up, commune with nature, boost the relationship and bonding with my co - employees and remove the tiring and stressful days/weeks/months we had.

Just Drop by and Visit:

The place is cozy yet elegantly organized. However, they had billiard hall, cottages, conferences, pool and etc., they can accommodate small and grande gatherings too. It is located in Subabasbas, Lapu-Lapu City a bit far from the city but of course you can hired/ride a cab if you want to go there and enjoy the excellent service they can offer. In lieu of this, I think you can ride/rent also a motorcycle/ tricycle and inform the driver about this place and I know for sure that everyone know this magnificent place (the Lapu Lapu City Residence).

My Expenses:

However, in regards to my expenses I cannot sum up all the bucks I had spent during my 12 hours stay at Cebu Marine Beach Resort. Since, the company shoulders all the expenses but one thing I assure you guys that If I will revisit this place someday. I will update these writings of course.

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