Strike 1, Strike 2 and Strike 3. Apparently, my boredom strikes again many times and it hurts me a lot. So what I did in order for me to feed my boredom without any plan on how to overcome it while browsing in the Internet comes a great  idea of river trekking near in my Place. For the first time I really got curious about this place the Budlaan and Kabang Falls from it's name and what is the hidden beauty reserved for us to witness. This waterfalls are located in mountainous part of Talamban a 15 minutes ride from National Highway of Talamban and 2 hours of Trekking. 

So my passion ignited this time to have an excellent adventure in this Saturday siesta. As the sun shone brightly and seems the weather is very good to enjoy my weekend So I started packing up my things from my personal to my necessities.

Visiting this kind of places in your most convenient time are a great factors  for you to relax and rejuvenate your stressed body once in a while and enjoying the gift of nature as well.

Kabang Falls
How to get there:  

From the City of Cebu kindly ride a jeepney/cab going to Talamban and inform the Driver to drop you off at Sunny Hills Subdivision in Talamban, Cebu City. There's are a lot of motorcycle parked already to drive you up through the  steep and concrete rocky road going to Sitio Baugo - which is the jump off point going to Kabang and Budlaan Falls.
Being not a Cebuano of course it's my first time exploring this waterfalls. Thus, indulging your body on this kind of activities/hobbies  takes a strong physical effort, alert mind and passion to do things in good alignment.

The Group: (From the Left) Me, Aaron, Gino, Ryan and Mark.
We hike for about 30 minutes from jump off point before we reached Budlaan Falls and another hour to reached Kabang Falls. The trail is not difficult to find even though it was your first time going on this place since the trail was established already and easy to find.

If ever you will lost just ask the villagers (if you meet someone) about the direction so that you will reached your destination worry free.

As long as Remember there are three mini falls before you reached the tallest falls and you need to climb at the rocky hill : just be careful and AJA to all of you!

The damage is only a Chicken feeds but the experience is worth a thousand.

Motorcycle Ride - Php 50.00
Jeepney Fare - Php 8.00

Friendly Reminders:
Bring a packed lunch,
Bring at least 1.5L of water,
trail food ,
and mostly wear the proper equipment!

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  1. Manli-gu-an ang tubig bai? Mura man ug daghan lumot. Thanks.

    1. Uo maliguan bai ian. Nindot maligo dnha during rainy season ky kusog ang tubig nga nag.agas.

  2. Bai,

    Kinsai trail guide ninyo ani nga trek? Plano me bai mo trek sd from kabang falls to Mt. Sirao.
    Dili lisod e follow ang trail bai? Basin mka hatag sd ka ug trail map diha bai para pud dili me mga wagtang hehehehe


    1. Wla mi guide ana pag trekking namu dnha bai from budlaan - kabang - sirao peak. Dli man lisud ang trail ei follow kay established na kaayo, pede rapud mu kpangutana sa mga locals kung masaag man jud mu. Salamat. :)