" A pilgrim is a wanderer with purpose." Peace Pilgrim 
Maasin City is the provincial capital and a 4th class city in the province of Southern Leyte. One of the must see place in Maasin is located  up in the hills at Barangay Rizal, 2 kilometers away from Maasin City, the Monte Cueva Asuncion de la Virgen Shrine.

MonteCueva Asuncion de la Virgen Shrine is a small cave which was developed by its original owners into a shrine with a quaint chapel inside . The shrine is located at an elevation of 172 meters above sea level overlooking the entire city of Maasin. It is a donation by the philanthropists Odong and Loring Chung to the Diocese of Maasin City. It is currently a popular pilgrimage site and destinations for local and national tourists.

Pilgrims will take around 540 laborious steps going up with even more difficult and steeper as you approached the last station of the cross, it is the best pilgrimage journey for the Catholic devotees (Local or National), that while taking their way up to the cave they will meditate on the different station of the cross they passes by. 

How to get there?

Take a tricycle/bus/jeepney/multi-cab (or any mean of transportation you want) to Maasin City (it depends where you from) and take a motorcycle going to Brgy. Rizal and tell the driver that you want to go to MonteCueva Asuncion de la Virgen Shrine. I know that everyone on Maasin City knows about this place (Mostly the devotees). Yet, after MonteCueva pilgrims, you may take another trip to another shrine called Our Lady of the Assumption.

In every escapade there's always a pictorial:

Cave Orifice

Inside the Montecueva Cathedral.

The Three droplets of the Blood of Christ.

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