As I was staring outside my window and it was raining that time and yet no one beside me there was something lingering on my mind which I can't fathom what is it. Suddenly, there's a small voice saying that "Hoy kaon na gutom lang na" (Hey eat something now that's why you are getting paranoid). With no further ado I followed the voice of my stomach. hehe

Anyway that's not the reason why I am writing this blog right now in the middle of the night. My rude point is to explain why I choose Canigao Island in Matalom, Southern Leyte as my vacation destination in my three days leave (away from stressful work I had!) and what comes to my  innocent mind to add this place on my travel destination lists to a perfect place called Philippines.

However, one of my friend here in Cebu City told me about this place and he uttered to me his good reviews on this innocent Island of Canigao. Though, I am a person with a passion of exploring every bit/detail on Philippine Archipelago stated on the Book of history I will not believe unless I proved it. By the way, being a Home Buddy before (I think since birth) which was quarantined always on the four cornered wall of my apartment with boring routines everyday that is killing me. That's why I visited this place to rejuvenate my mind, body and soul together with my few buddies.

And this story below answered all my paranoia ....

Canigao Island is a Three Hectares Island situated in Matalom, Southern Leyte. It is known for its beauty and extraordinary features yet It is one also of the Best Island in Philippine Archipelago for vacation, scuva diving and other water adventure. In addition, this Island owned and operated by Local Government Unit (LGU) of Matalom, Leyte. It has a fined white sand and I called it "Boracay de Leyte" . It attracts many tourist on summer and escapaders' on weekend because this place is not so crowded unlike the other Islands I already visited. 

However, this Island doesn't have an electricity but the good thing is that during nighttime they have diesel generator to give lights to the Island even in a short period of time. You can also charge your mobile phone if your battery get empty at their Charger Booth between 7pm to 10pm for only PHP10.00 pesos. Nevertheless, the Island also offers tent for rent (PHP350.00) if you didn't bring yours. Yet, they had also cottages for rent, the rental fee is only PHP1,500.00. 

Canigao Island also offered variety of fishes, seashells, crabs and other sea foods for sale at affordable price in their small market. In addition, you can approach the locals to cook for your food and you pay them (PHP30.00) per menu. It has also a variety store that the price was doubled so it is better to bring your food and cooking utensils as well.

This is the side portion of the Island wherein you can see its blue clear mirrored water. A bit sunny at that time when I take this photos I really fall in love in this magnificent once and forever. 

This stone structured above are located on the back portion of the island. You can roam around the Island for only 20 minutes yet it is also safe even it is dark just make sure you bring your own flashlights.
Guys/Pals If you have plans to visit this place someday. I assured you that no regrets will happen only happy and memorable moments of course. 
Let's take our shirts off now and indulge our delicate body and soul  to this one of a kind Island.

Picture Picture is always part of the game. 


from the Queen City of the South CEBU CITY:

Kinswell Shipping Lines, Inc.

Room 202, G.K. Chua Building, M.J. Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City
Telephone: (032) 416-6516
Fax: (032) 255-7572

       ROUTE              SCHEDULE            DEPARTURE            ARRIVAL
Cebu to Hilongos              Daily                        2:30 PM
Hilongos to Cebu              Daily                        9:00 AM

Roble Shipping, Inc.

43-C Escario Extension, Cebu City 6000
Telephone: (032) 255-3871, (032) 254-0583
Fax: (032) 416-6117

Booking Offices:

Cebu Telephone: (032) 255-5904, (032) 255-1849
Ormoc Telephone: (053) 255-7631, (053) 561-2801
Hilongos Telephone: (053) 336-2077
       ROUTE            SCHEDULE      DEPARTURE            ARRIVAL
Cebu to Hilongos            Daily                   1:00 PM                6:00PM              M/V Ormoc Stars
Cebu to Hilongos            Daily                    9:00 PM               2:00AM              M/V Beautiful Stars
Hilongos To Cebu           Daily                   11:00 AM              4:00PM              M/V Beautiful Stars
Hilongos to Cebu            Daily                   10:00 PM               3:00AM             M/V Ormoc Stars

My Expenses: 

Cebu-Hilongos-Cebu via M/V Beautiful Stars                    Php 760.00
Terminal Fee (Cebu Port)                                                         Php 10.00
Terminal Fee (Hilongos Port)                                                  Php 11.00
Lunch (SM Mcdonals)                                                               Php 50.00
Food and Drinks                                                                         Php 450.00
Hilongos Port-Matalom  (PUV)                                              Php 25.00
Matalom-Canigao Island-Matalom  (FIRST BALL)         Php 50.00
Bato-Hilongos Port                                                                    Php 25.00
Space Rental(For Tent If you bring yours)                          Php 100.00
Entrance Fee (Canigao Island)                                               Php 20.00
Toilet and shower room (Canigao Island)                           Php 10.00 
Total Expenses                                                                      Php 1,511.00
                                                                                                       *nothing follows
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  1. indeed, life is too short so we must live,love and enjoy as we dream,explore and discover. (^-^) always..God bless!!!

  2. Thank you chawzkiesensi:)) God Bless you

  3. Canigao Island is a place to visit every summer. But unfortunately one of the crew of that island said things to us that we cannot imagine, very harsh words that we did not expect. Dapat sana ang mga crew and staff sa island nayon ay mga friendly para ma encourage ang mga tourist na bumalik, pero napakalungkot kasi hindi nila binibigyan ng importansya ang mga torista. Ok lang ang pag taas ng intrance fee nila 20 pesos lang nman, Ok lang din kong meron pang ibang mga charges, But They did not post anything na meron pa palang rent sa space kong meron kayong own tent. Like what happened to us Last April 13.
    Nag tanong ang isang crew doon na si Caloy Penpeña kong meron ba kaming tent na dala syempre we said yes, So nong marinig niya ang kaibigan namin, automatic lang siyang nag add sa receipt ng 200 for the tent daw kasi dalawa ang tent namin, 100 each tent. He just give us the receipt without even asking if its ok with us na mag charge sila para sa tent namin. So all of us just kept quite for a while because we cannot deside yet, Under the burning heat of the summer sun, galing pa kaming byahi lahat wala pang kain, lahat kami hindi makapag isip kong ano ba talaga go for the tent or not, so one of us said no for the main time. This crew that gave us the receipt just got mad in facial expression and cancel the 200 pesos added in the receipt. Hindi nlang namin pinansin ang parang galit niyang boses nong i cancel niya ang charge for the tent.
    But when we got rested and we talked a little bit what to do for the tent. Naka pagdeside na kami na gamitin nalng ang tent na dala namin. Hindi nlang kami bumalik sa crew nayon para magbigay ng 200 kasi sa pagkaka alam namin may nag rorobing sa island para icheck ang mga receipt namin. Doon nalng kami magbabayad ulit for the tent.
    Ang kaso kinabokasan pa siya nag robing, galit niya kaming hinanapan ng resibo para sa intrance fee. at nagalit din siya bakit daw nagtent kami pero pinacancel namin ang charge nong nagresibo siya sa amin. So we explain to him na late na kami nakapag deside. What we did not expect is that sinabihan niya kaming matitigas ang ulo, Hindi nila kailangan ng torista na mga matitigas ang ulo. Ok lang daw na hindi na kami bumalik dahil hindi nila kailangan ng torista na matitigas ang ulo. Doon na nagkasagutan at pati ang mga kalapit namin na mga grupo rin, nagsitinginan na sa amin. We ask his name politely, but he said " Kay ngano ipabarang ko ninyo?" We really got shock about what he said and the way he treated us. So hindi namin maiwasan na sumagot din ng hindi maganda sa kanya. Hindi na kami nag complain sa 5 pesos every gamit sa cr nila 10 pesos ang paligo ( marumi ang c.r at mahina ang tubig ) Hindi sila pumapayag na mag ihaw ng karne na hindi doon sa nilagay nilang ihawan kasi daw iitim ang sand, pero nagsusunog sila ng basora sa likod, amoy na amoy ang basora na nasusunog. Dapat sana maging friendly at maging patient sila sa mga torista na dumating sa island nila kasi malaki ang naibibigay ng mga ito na kontribusyon para umonlad and matalom pero unfortunately hindi nila iyon nakikita. So sad. . .