Cagnituan Subterranean River is one of a kind tourist destination that you need to visit - an unexplored heaven for us. It is located in Maasin City near Cagnituan Falls and Guinsuhutan Caves. You have an option if you have abundant time, you can probably visit the Falls, the caves and subterranean river in one day and amazed with these places once and forever. So what are you waiting for invite your friends and get yourself wet in the subterranean river which leads to an enchanting cave and be amazed with its stalactite and stalagmite formations. 

Going to this extraordinary RIVER is not easy because there are no mean of transportation aside from riding a  "habal - habal" . It is scary yet exciting because of the rocky and bumpy road but tell you this once you reached this place your worries, stress and tiredness will vanished away instantly. Anyway, the travel time going to this river will last 30 minutes by the motorcycle from "eskina Guinsohutan" and 10 minutes trekking (Good for the Heart exercise).

Yet, as we were having joy ride going to this amazing place together with my buddies (we're 3 in one motorcycle including the driver) and chit chatting with our "habal - habal" driver he said that inside this river/cave you can witness a statue of saints and gods inside carved and formed naturally on the stone. Though we didn't have time to go inside because time doesn't permit but still we enjoyed the outside appearance of the place by having pictorial of course. lols

The Image above are the main entrance to their Subterranean River. Though, I didn't go inside because I don't have plenty of time but I promised myself that someday I will come back here and enjoyed it again for the second time around. It is Challenging andamazing experience.

Enjoying God's Goodness through nature is a one way of Worshiping our Creator.

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